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sealed maize kernel silo

Sealed storage of maize kernels in an Assentoft silo allows for storing and handling large quantities of moist maize kernels both rationally and economically. Your contribution margin will increase considerably, as you avoid recurring costs of drying, acid treatment and crimping.

The sealed stored, wet maize kernels develop a pH-value of approx. 3.5 and are consequently aggressive towards untreated and crude steel. Therefore, the Assentoft maize silo is made from enamelled sheets - or internally acid-resistant coated galvanized steel sheets, which are suited to withstand acid.

Investment in a steel maize kernel silo is obvious, if you

  • can grow or buy maize
  • have established wet feeding or you are goint to establish wet feeding in connection with a renovation
  • are already storing maize in a less appropriate way

Please contact us - we have the know-how in storing, transporting and milling maize kernels!


Please see test plant, installed in Jutland, Denmark 

Oct. 2014: Please see maize plant with 3 silos in Ukraine