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Technical data - sealed maize kernel silo system

Up to 7.73 m diam., the maize kernel silo will be supplied with a stainless steel cone. Secures safe unloading, and there is a minimum of mechanical parts in the silo.

In the center of the silo, a stainless steel cone is embedded into the foundation. An auger pipe with a stainless steel auger runs from the bottom of the cone, out through the foundation and further on to the customer's milling plant.


Maize kernel silos over 7.73 m diam. are supplied with a flat bottom and our sweep arm auger system for total emptying. This system is very mechanically reliable and economically, as well. When the silo has to be totally emptied, the protection pipe is drawn out by means of a tractor - and the sweep arm auger can start working.

Sweep arm auger gear in 2 sizes - and up to 11 kW motor

A control panel secures safe operation. 

Stainless steel shafts and sweep arm auger. Due to the high water content in the maize, the motor is placed outside the silo. From the center of the silo, the unloading is performed with an auger - out to the milling/mixing unit.

Please see video - auger working in the wet maize kernels


A separate breather bag is fitted in order to compensate for the necessary air intake/outlet from the silo, as moist maize kernels to a very high degree are reacting with oxygen. 

When the silo is full, the fermentation caused the breather bag to be totally distended for a period. Over the winther, the breather bag will be almost empty. During spring/summer, it will compensate for the positive/negative pressure, the fluctuations of the temperature will create inside the silo.

The breather bag is best fitted inside a barn or the like. An air pipe from the silo top connects the silo to the breather bag.