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unloading systems

For unloading of cement silos, we can offer e.g.

  • 45°cone with aeration system (ducts with air and air shots) in larger silo cones . Incl. of valve arrangement.
  • 60°cone with aeration system (ventilation "hats") in smaller silo cones
  • direct through loading bellows with built-in filter onto truck - this requires a higher silo bottom structure
  • unloading by means of auger - to be applied, when the bottom structure of the silo is low. More precise control of the quantity and unloading speed. However, there will be costs for daily operation and maintenance

loading systems


For loading of cement silos, we can offer

  • loading through blowing pipes - 10" or 12" pipe line. Flexible and enables blowing the material over long distances. The most common applied system, when filling from ship
  • loading through airslide - large capacity over short distances. 5-7°slope
A suitable filter is fitted in order to remove the transport air from the silo.