Marine Harvest project 2013

Site name | Fish feed silo

Silos and tanks for fish meal or raw materials for fish feed

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The fish feed industry stores various products in Assentoft Silo tanks and silos.

The silos are made from hot-dip galvanized steel sheets, providing excellent corrosion protection and requiring no maintenance. As the silos are bolted on site, the erection period is very short.

The robust silo wall is very suitable for aggressive environments - e.g. ports with salty air. 

Our line of products also includes transport plants for loading and unloading of the silos - designed for heavy-flowing materials. Incl. of machine deck on top of the silo for maximum protection of the transport plant and filter.

The totally sealed plant is secured from moist and any contamination from the surroundings.

Field of application, e.g.:

  • fish meal
  • any raw materials for fish feed production (e.g. wheat, barley, soya protein, maize gluten)



A silo plant may e.g. include:

  • silo wall made from hot-dip galvanized (and perhaps painted) steel sheets
  • all-welded bottom structure with all-welded cone
  • transport plant
  • filter
  • vibrating unloading equipment beneath cone