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project execution

Please see testimonial/interview with Marine Harvest site manager, mr. Mick Watts, upon finalizing the erection of 16 silos 

Quotation - clarification of customer's expectations - co-operation

We prepare quotation and provide qualified advise regarding the silo or tank solution that the customer needs - together with finding the best solution to any loading/unloading systems, walkways, electrical controls etc. All naturally within applicable standards within the field in question.

Preparing the contract - scope of supply

It is very essential and important that a very elaborate and specific contract is prepared, stating both our and the customer's duties. We will do our utmost to facilitate the co-operation with any other sub-supplier on a project 

Design - drawings

Your project can be illustrated through Inventor 3D drawings and perhaps minor 3D films.

Calculations - statics

Our tanks and silos are calculated according to applicable Eurocode standards. The company is certified and produces according to DS/EN 1090, EXC1 and EXC2

Time schedules/silo erection

Before starting up the silo/tank erection, a detailed time schedule for the plant is prepared.



We co-operate with a number of sub-suppliers. Mostly companies with which we have a history of many years co-operation.


We are used to sites in remote areas - it is no problem for us, and we will find the best way of transporting the materials. One of the advantages of a bolted tank is that it does not take up much space - although the total scope of supply weighs many tons.

Silo erection - site management - risk assessment and control

The site manager from Assentoft Silo carries our part of any project safe through the silo erection period, and is in charge of all communication with the customer and any other contractors on the site.

Handing over - Commissioning

When the project is finished, it is thoroughly run through with the customer - and time for commissioning is set.


We prepare maps with documentation to each project - including drawings, static calculations and any other manuals.

Service, spare parts and follow up

We can offer to prepare a service contract. Our detailed knowledge of the plant enables us to service the customer in finding spare parts. We are pleased to be of assistance and answer any questions that you may have to the supplied plant - and we do our utmost to be sure that our scope of supply meets the demands of our customers!