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Silos for stone materials

Assentoft Silo produces, manufactures and erects silos and tanks for very wearing products (e.g. stone, gravel, moler, slags, burnt lime).  

We have also supplied a large number of all-welded silos for concrete mixing plants through our sister company, Åbybro Maskinfabrik A/S. Bolted silos have been supplied for e.g. burnt lime, aluminium silicate, gravel and sand.

You get the following advantages by choosing and Assentoft silo:

  • extended know-how from similar supplied plants
  • the possibility of designing the silo to adapt into the existing plant
  • the possibility of choosing special materials for the particularly exposed parts with the most wear and tear
  • the silo can be equipped with an additional wearing coating at the most exposed places
  • the silo can be equipped with special, replacable wearing parts
  • specific, anti-static coating in cone and on sides
  • outlet design to fit especially difficult products
  • the silo can be equipped with insulation and heating
  • the possibility of drain pipes from the silo